“After a few years working in projects I sought RJPROJ to get my PMP certification. Besides being prepared with efficiency to pass the exam with ease, I was able to improve professionally with the iterative games, and find gaps in my knowledge of project management that I wasn’t aware of. The course’s distinctive feature is the focus on the individual, enabling development through coaching. I have attended another official PMI training course and I can say that if you want to earn PMP certification, improve in project management, and truly master the subject, go to RJPROJ.”

Fábio Campos Rodriguez, PMP

Telecommunications Engineer (PUC-Rio) and Governance Consultant at Bradesco Seguros

“RJPROJ was instrumental in my journey to obtain PMP certification. The attention given to students even after the end of classes is a distinctive feature of the course. In addition to the study tips, the motivation and encouragement I received were key to my success.”

José Cloacir Júnior Martins dos Santos Francisco, PMP

MBA in Project Management (FGV) and Insurance Analyst at Bradesco Seguros

“Studying at RJPROJ not only offered me great preparation to pass the PMI® PMP® certification exam, it also opened doors for my immediate professional growth as it enabled me to succeed at a very competitive project management recruiting process for the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE FOR THE OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES RIO 2016™. The course has well-trained, experienced instructors, excellent teaching materials, and a welcoming atmosphere.”

Marlon Marinho, PMP

Production Engineer (UFF) and PMO member of the RIO 2016 COMMITTEE™

“Despite working with projects for over fifteen years and acting as Project Manager for nine, the training I received at RJPROJ was pivotal, not only for the success in my PMP ® certification process, where I was comfortably approved, but mostly to enrich my knowledge of Project Management. I had the opportunity to attend another official PMI ® training which did not have what I think is the great difference at RJPROJ, namely constant, individual coaching by highly qualified professionals with market experience. Certification is guaranteed, worth the investment!!!“

Otávio Pettersson, PMP

Information Technology Manager (UGF) and Project Manager at TEN Systems and Networks

“The RJPROJ preparatory course was very important because it prepared me and gave me confidence to take the PMP® certification exam. The distinctive methodology allows students to review contents several times, absorbing all the knowledge required for certification. The teaching material is always updated with the latest PMBOK versions, and correction of simulation exams prepares us for the test so we feel comfortable taking it, because we are familiar with this kind of approach.“

Victor Rangel Batista, PMP

Production Engineer (UENF) and Deloitte Project Consultant at Petrobras

“Studying at RJPROJ was essential for my success at the PMP ® certification process. I was able to enhance my knowledge’s strengths, and develop the points where my knowledge was flawed. The difference is the constant, individual coaching by highly qualified professionals with extensive market experience.“

Wallace Pinto da Silva, PMP

MBA in Project Management (UCP) and Production Supervisor at FMC Technologies